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Marketing Services

GotMarketing - Direct Marketing Packages: Provides you with design, print, and mailing services, all work done in-house. We offer periodic distributions of your marketing materials until they reach your intended markets. We provide marketing consultation on how to generate ideas on gaining new customers, improving existing promotions, and exploring effective promotional methods.
Why Direct Mail Marketing?

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All orders above $5,000.00 must be paid by Cashier's Check.
Our team of Promotional experts have a successful track record fulfilling direct marketing campaigns using design, print, & mailing services. Our experienced professionals have dedicated themselves to creating ways to turn the concept of promotion into profits. Whether you need design, print, or direct mailing for your marketing needs, simply follow the steps below, give us a call and let us know how we can help.
  • 1.) BRANDING: Logo Creation

    A logo is a graphical representation of your company and one of the most important aspects in building brand awareness for your customers. At GotPrint, we help you design, create, and develop your company's logo to fit your style and image.

    Business Cards, Letterhead and Envelopes

    Corporate identity plays an important role in your customer's perception, and sets a custom image of your company's identity. We help you create the design and feel to incorporate your company's image. Just let us know what kind of layout and colors you have in mind and leave the rest to us.

    Brochures (Direct Mailing Item)

    A brochure plays a major role in the marketing process; it acts as a sales representative to your company. It lets your customers know more about your company and can give pertinent details on your services and/or products. GotPrint not only personalizes your brochure, but also designs and prints them for you. Simply choose the type of fold you prefer and we will do the rest. See mailing services.

    Postcards (Direct Mailing Item)

    Postcards are the most cost-effective way to market products and services to your intended customers. It is one of the best tools you can use to promote your company's products and services. We will mail most postcards you print with us, taking full advantage of discounted postage rates, and a complete mailing service that is more economical and easier than doing it yourself. Leave it all to us and see the result!

    See mailing services.

    Flyers & Catalogs (Direct Mailing Item)

    FLYERS act as a perfect informational tool for handouts. It can concisely convey your company's information, event and offerings.

    CATALOG printing is a popular way to market your company's products and services. An attractive and well-designed catalog can draw a lot of potential buyers. Businesses of all sizes often use catalogs as part of their marketing strategy while doing direct mailing.

    See mailing services.


    Always a healthy and essential asset for business growth. To personally connect with customers where modern technology couldn't is still an excellent marketing strategy.

    Doorhangers are designed to target residential customers and are a perfect substitute to your �door-to-door salesman."

    Rack Cards are 4" x 9" cards, which are displayed in racks at most office reception desks.

    RipBusinessCards come in the form of either a Doorhanger or a Rack Card with a conveniently detachable Business Card.

    Tent Cards are scored and folded for readability on either side and can stand free on any business counter.


    Customize your give-away items with your personalized and company information.

    PRESENTATION FOLDERS are used for customers to keep printed sales materials organized and in one place. Utilize presentation folders to insert business cards, flyers, and other marketing materials. Rather than handing out a single printed material, compile a few promotional materials per customer or for a promotional event.

    NOTEPADS. Solidifies your company's image and serves as a great tool for your sales people t distribute to customers. Notepad printing is great for handing out to target prospects with your company's information. Personalized notepads keep your identity with your ideas.


    Marketing Consultation
    We do Marketing consultation for new businesses to help them generate ideas on how to get new customers, improve existing promotions, and explore effective methods of marketing their businesses. Give us a call and let us know how we can help. For more information call 877-922-7374 option 3.

    Graphic Design Service
    We take pride in our design work and we make sure that customers are satisfied with the entire experience and final product. Our aim is to create a positive lasting impression. For more information call 877-922-7374 option 3.

    Mailing Services
    Affordable and convenient. Take advantage of our discounted mailing service rates and eliminate that extra trip to the post office. For more information call 877-922-7374 option 3.